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Green styling inspiration for indoors and outdoors

Working with trend forecasters, we create a trend collection for each season to help you rework and update your interior. From the colours of the walls, to the shape of the furniture and the plants on the windowsill, our trend collections help you create a living space — and an outlook — that's aware of and in tune with the culture of our times.

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This season is all about comfort, security and taking time for yourself. The Collecting Memories style trend gives you a recognisable place to call your own and a feeling of coming home. A place where you have time and peace to sort out happy memories and cherish them. Plants play a major role in this trend, creating beautiful memories and helping to shift you into a lower gear. The colours this season are soft and enhance a safe and secure feeling. Think of pastel shades and many different shades of green. The plants in focus this season are anthuriumficus, Norfolk Island pineblue star fernbromeliadhydrangeaornamental plumeucalyptus, poetic border plants and garden herbs. 

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This season is all about the longing for nostalgia in a warm and rich interior. The Traditional Sentiment style trend gives you a safe feeling and ensures that you can indulge in your favourite hobbies, such as reading, planting cuttings and painting, in a relaxed manner. Plants play a major role in this trend. Forgotten flowering plants return subtly and receive new attention. Outside becomes a literal extension of inside. Think of plants such as camellia, African violetkalanchoebegoniapaper plant, elkhorn fernprayer plantpinehellebore and leucothoe.

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Autumn/Winter 2021: "Balanced Biotope"

Balanced Biotope inspires you to create a natural environment where you live more consciously, in balance with nature. The trend focuses on the use of natural materials (such as stone, wood, bamboo and cork) and colours (such as shades of green, grey and sand). Patterns are rough and mainly based on natural textures. Plants are of course a crucial part of this Trend Collection and they are central both indoors and outdoors. A few plants are no longer sufficient - think instead of an indoor or outdoor border or natural sculptures with palm grass. And whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, strive for great biodiversity and try to create your own biotope even in a small area. Houseplants that we see a lot of this season are begonia, cambria, grasses, primula, peace lily and alocasia. Outdoor plants include winter violas, holly and chamaecyparis.  

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Spring/Summer 2021 "Crazy Illusions"
The recent pandemic gave the the online world a significant boost, with all of us spending more time than ever in the digital world. As we spend time on the internet and less in the physical world we become more and more demanding as consumers, while at the same time needing to be flexible in our lives and work and be seen to be going with the flow. This sense of illusion and reality comes together this season in "Crazy Illusions". This style trend is the result of the limitations that we experience as a society, and the huge desire we feel for pleasure, freedom and creative space - just like the hard times during and after the First World War which were followed by the roaring twenties.

The Crazy Illusions style trend brings in a new, fresh look and focuses on vibrant colours, eye-catching designs and metallics. Twisted shapes and the ever-present roundness of circles are also popular this season. Plants that fit perfectly with this style are Medinilla, Bromeliad, Calla, Philodendron, Hypoestes, Fittonia and Rhipsalis.

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Autumn/Winter 2020 "Inner Retreat"

We live in a busy, uncertain world. Our lives are shaped by outside influences, and we are subject to ever-present and ever-more demanding stimuli in the shape of our smartphones. This season, we respond to our environment and use nature to create a space for peace and calm. Our focus is on soft textures, pastel tones and friendly shapes. Think of plants such as Beaucarnea, Kalanchoë and Eucalyptus.

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