Wallflowers Aubrieta and Saxifraga

These early flowering garden plants provide colour in the March Garden

March is the month that the garden slowly comes back to life. This time of the year Wallflowers Aubrieta and Saxifraga provide welcome colour in the garden. Their compact and hanging shape make them perfect for planting along walls or raised borders. Use wallflowers in your garden as party pacemakers and get the whole place swinging!

Die wunderschöne Aubrieta - Pflanzenfreude.de


Aubrieta is a wallflower that is named after the French painter Claude Aubriet (1665-1742) who was famous for his botanical art. Aubrieta is also called ‘Blue Cushion’ due to its beautiful pillow-like blue flowers. Although this plant is commonly a vibrant blue, the colour palette can be varied and the flowers can come in delicate whites and pinks, rich reds and regal purples. Flowering starts in March and continues until May.  The plant grows to approximately ten inches high and ideally likes a spot in full sun.

Tuinplant van de Maand: Muurbloem Aubrieta Mooiwatplantendoen.nl


Saxifraga has beautiful white, red, pink or purple flowers that usually show from early spring to summer. Saxifraga can thrive in apparently unpromising situations, for example nestled between stone and tiles where there is little soil. The botanical name Saxifraga is derived from the Latin words Saxum and frangere which literally mean "stone-breaker". It is commonly believed that this was due to its use in the treatment of kidney and bladder stones rather than its propensity to grow in rocks. Saxifraga’s blooms usually show from early spring right on into summer, however, do get advice from your garden centre as there are some species that only bloom in summer.

Easy to care for!

Aubrieta and Saxifraga are early perennials that bloom well year after year. An extra benefit is also that the plants are happy in almost any position and both thrive in full sun. They can even thrive in wall crevices between stones, tiles and along garden paths. Wallflowers can also look fabulous in pots. March is a great month for planting and it couldn’t be easier - make a hole and put the plant in it. Press down, water well and sit back to enjoy!