The kitchen garden

Pick your own food

Eating from our own garden is healthy, tasty and fun — and the good news is, it's possible to grow vegetables in even the smallest of spaces. Garden herbs, edible flowers and luscious red tomatoes can all be grown successfully on a balcony or courtyard patio. Let's head outside, so we can show you how.

De eetbare tuin
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Vegetables, flowers and herbs

Unusual vegetables, seasonal fruit, edible flowers and fresh-picked herbs will lift any recipe to great heights, and the sense of pride and acheivement in your cooking will be even more pronounced when you know you've grown them yourself. Some vegetables like courgettes require a lot of space, but tomatoes, bell peppers and many fruits will grow quite happily in a terracotta pot on the balcony. A tub or container can easily accommodate a fragrant herb garden, and edible flowers offer a dash of colour while they're waiting to be picked. Discover more in this article about eating what you grow.

Companion planting with herbs

Garden herbs make our meals tastier, ourselves feel healthier, and they also support the growth of their plant neighbours. Follow our tips for companion planting with herbs to get the best out of your herbs and plants with a thoughtful herb garden. 

Mindful gardening

Growing your own food is good for your mental as well as your physical health. A vegetable patch is a relaxing place to potter about and enjoy nature, with delicious aubergines and courgettes as a reward for the time spent. We find that deadlines, emails and social media notifications slip away, as we plant, water and tend to our seedlings.


After all that gardening, it's time for delicious snacks and drinks, using all the goodies from your own garden. With these recipes you're guaranteed a party atmosphere! How about a delicious focaccia with rosemary and thyme? Perfect as a snack or appetiser. And to have with coffee, make irresistible vegan cookies with a plant print.

Reap what you sow

We'd love to see what your kitchen garden looks like — however big or small it may be. Share a picture of it with us on Instagram or Facebook using #thejoyofplants.