Enjoy this flamboyant flowering cactus

You’ve probably needed some recovery time if  you’ve ever made an exhibition of yourself, but it’s nothing compared to what the Agave stricta ´Nana´ suffers. The little chap is OTT when he sticks his flower in the air, but that single flowering costs him his life.

Colours and shapes

The Agave stricta 'Nana' grows very slowly and doesn’t get bigger than 40 cm. The thin green/grey/blue leaves grow into a point, which creates plenty of spikes. The plant is a member of the Agavaceae family, just like the yucca.


The Agave stricta ´Nana´ has no symbolic meaning but there is a legend about the cactus in general: a Native American love story. Two young lovers were banned from marrying and decided to elope, because they simply couldn’t live apart. They left the tribe and headed into the desert. When darkness fell, they found a spot to rest, but by the brilliant light of the moon they saw that they were being approached by men sent on behalf of the girl’s father. The girl asked the goddess of the land to help them. The goddess was delighted to do so, and opened up a hole in the mountain where the couple could hide. The men decided to wait - after all, the couple had nowhere to go. The next day the couple were transformed into a cactus, which the goddess felt was the perfect protection.


Agave stricta ´Nana´ originates from the desert regions of Mexico, which gives it an excellent setting and backdrop to show off its flowering.