Blue star fern

Star status

The houseplant Phlebodium Blue Star is better known as the blue star fern. And its purifying qualities certainly earn it star status. 

Shapes and colours

The blue star fern has fabulous slightly curly leaves with a bluish grey tinge. Very chic. The leaves are not shed; they branch into fingers as they get older and retain their attractive colour. Five stars as far as we’re concerned.


The name says it all. You don’t get a star in your name for nothing. Phlebodium has proved itself to be an air purifying powerhouse. That combined with its cool look makes the blue star fern a valuable addition to any interior.


The blue start fern is a member of the oak fern family. In the wild it grows in the top of cloud forests up to the swamps of Florida. These are pretty damp and challenging conditions in which it always manages to survive.