Plants you won't want to miss this season

This season is all about comfort, security and time for yourself. The Collecting Memories style trend gives you a familiar place, a feeling of coming home. A place where you have the time and space to collect and cherish happy memories. Plants play a big role in this trend. They create beautiful memories and help you to shift into a lower gear. The colours this season are soft and reinforce a safe and secure feeling: think pastel shades and lots of different greens. 

Read on, discover the indoor and garden plants of this trend and give them a nice spot in your home, both indoors and out!

plantentrend collecting memories | mooiwatplantendoen
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indoor plants

blue star fern

The blue star fern has beautiful lightly curled leaves with a blue-grey glow. It's very chic and totally in line with the Collecting Memories style trend. A wonderful addition to your plant collection.

norfolk island pine

Norfolk Island pine is native to the Norfolk Islands in the Pacific Ocean, north of New Zealand. In the wild, the tree can reach heights of more than 50 metres. In the home, it sticks to a more manageable size of 50 cm to 2.5 metres. A perfect size for a new green friend.


Did you know that anthurium emigrated from the rainforests of South America to Europe in 1857? It travelled with Austrian physician and botanist Dr Karl van Scherzer, who couldn't wait to introduce the Anthurium to an even wider audience. Anthurium is making a comeback this year, as it is one of the trending houseplants of the moment.


Incas, Aztecs and Mayans used just about every part of the Bromeliad for food, protection, fibres and ceremonies, so much so that Bromeliad is considered a 'gift from the gods' in the countries of origin. As a houseplant, Bromelia represents 'protection', a reference to the full, green leaves that surround the beautiful coloured part. Totally in line with the Collecting Memories style trend.


Hydrangea contributes to a good level of indoor humidity. Complaints such as dry skin, headaches and dry eyes diminish with this plant. Doesn't that make you happy? This beautiful hydrangea wreath makes you even happier. For indoors or out!


In the tropics, Ficus is considered a sacred tree: Buddha is said to have found spiritual enlightenment under a Ficus religiosa. So one of these wouldn't be out of place in your home if you feel the need for a little more self-love. Ficus is also the star of our article on colour therapy.

garden plants

tuinplanten trend collecting memories | mooiwatplantendoen

garden herbs

Casually snipping leaves of your very own home-grown herbs into dishes is the epitome of having your life in order. Hello, delicious basil, bay leaf, lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary.

prunus trees

Are you in a slump? Then cherry and plum trees, part of the prunus family, offer the solution. Prunus plants symbolise perseverance and hope, as well as beauty that thrives in adverse conditions. For a dose of this inspiration, why not turn your outdoor space into a green paradise?


The leaves of the best-known Eucalyptus species (also known as the gum tree) are round or oval and grow perfectly symmetrically around the stem. The blue-grey haze comes from a layer of wax, which reflects light, making the leaf appear silvery.


If you're after plants that transform even the smallest border into a lush fairytale, then you simply must have Felicia, Dianthus, baby's breath, Primula, Fuchsia, Petunia and Bacopa! Use these plants in our DIY nature artwork.

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*Never eat just any cut flower or plant. Use only edible flowers from specialised suppliers that have been grown for consumption.