Transform your outdoor space into a green paradise

A fairytale balcony or garden

Are you a fan of keeping up with the latest style trends in outdoor plants? This spring and summer, the style trend Collecting Memories is what you are going to see everywhere you look. Collecting Memories is all about comfort, me time and creating and cherishing happy memories. The trend gives you a safe feeling of coming home and encourages you to create a place of peace to retreat to. Garden plants promote a secure, safe feeling and therefore play a big role in this trend. Read on, get inspired and transform your outdoor space into a wonderful paradise!

Transformeer je buitenruimte tot walhalla
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Outside, we create a sense of harmony. The elegant, winding paths flanked by borders in soft tones emphasise this feeling. Hidden in the greenery are intimate terraces for one or two chairs, creating small spots to take a moment for yourself. Attention is paid to furniture with a reference to nostalgia, such as wickerwork and colourful bistro chairs with plastic wickerwork. The plants have delicate leaves and elegant flowers. And all this in soft shades of green combined with lilac completes the soft and sometimes melancholic look.

Transformeer je buitenruimte tot walhalla


Wondering which plants we will be seeing a lot of in the near future? Expect garden herbs, such as basil, thyme, rosemary and sage. Ornamental cherryeucalyptus and poetic border plants such as FeliciaDianthusGypsophilaPrimulaFuchsiaPetunia and Bacopa will also be popular.

Transformeer je buitenruimte tot walhalla


These houseplants are a perfect fit for the style trend of the moment, Collecting Memories. Want to know more about this style trend or discover which garden plants are part of it? Read more here, and check out our article on colour therapy using plants. For your daily dose of green inspiration, follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.