Beautiful foliage 12 months of the year

This plant is different to others. Whilst most perennials die back above ground in the winter, alumroot retains its leaves in the cold months. What a hero!


Alumroot, or Heuchera, is a hardy perennial with unusual characteristics. The plant not only retains its leaves all year round, but those leaves are also bright green, caramel, dark red, lemon, silver, black or bronze, Some varieties of alumroot have bicoloured leaves, unusual veins or incisions in the leaf. There are also varieties with XXL leaves. Delicate sprays of flowers also project above those unusual leaves in the summer on tall, thin stems. Alumroot can be planted in beds, pots, containers or baskets. 


Heuchera originates from Mexico and the United States. The plant was named after the botanist J.H. von Heucher in the 17th century.


  • There are dozens of varieties of Heuchera. Breeding and propagation has made the range bigger and healthier. 

  • The leaves and flowers can also be used to make floral arrangements. Make sure that the leaves are not too young. The best time to use them is from July. 

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