A mosaic of small colourful leaves

With small, elegant leaves that look just like a mosaic, the Fittonia warms up any interior!

le fittonia

The Fittonia is a creeping, trailing plant that grows quickly. It has a beautiful range of bright colors, from light green to dark red. The oval leaves grow in pairs and have a short petiole. The leaves have thin, almost symmetrical veins and are colored white, pink or red. The Fittonia can have creamy white or yellow flowers in summer, but they are not as spectacular as the leaves themselves, which are the real stars of the show. 

The Fittonia gets its name from the sisters Elizabeth and Sara Fitton, authors of the book "Conversations on Botany", who brought the plant to Europe in 1867. Mosaic plants are also called nerve plants as their brightly colored leaf veins resemble the nervous system.

The first Fittonias were introduced to Europe at the end of the 19th century. The Fittonia originates from the tropical rainforest in South America (Colombia and Bolivia), where the plant grows as a ground cover in the shade of the tropical flowers. This explains why the plant prefers shade to bright light and also is why this plant can easily survive in damp, dark areas. The bathroom is therefore an ideal place for this plant, which will fully flowers and brightens up the space.