Kentia Palm

Manageable palm with an oxygen-rich mission

The Kentia palm, a.k.a. Howea, is unbeatable when it comes to purifying the air. It also grows slowly, and is easy to manage. That means Kentia also works very nicely in an office.

Colours and shapes

There’s not much to say about the colours of the Kentia palm: the leaves are a fresh green all year round. They are also pointy, and fan out at various heights. And because the plant grows sluggishly, you don’t need to worry that it’ll take over the whole living room.


In Western art and literature the palm tree traditionally symbolises immortality and eternity. That may be a big ask for a plant, but with a bit of care you and your palm tree can certainly grow old together.


We would definitely recommend that you visit the Kentia in its homeland: the paradisiacal Lord Howe Island off Australia. The plant was discovered there in the 18th century and named Howea. The island is the only place where the Kentia palm grows and from where the small plants still originate


Care of the Kentia Palm

  • Place your Kentia palm in partial shade;
  • Try to minimise draughts;
  • Water the plant once a week;
  • Your plant will enjoy some plant food between May and September;
  • And running a duster over it from time to time will be greatly appreciated.