Kentia Palm

Fresh green leaf explosion with minimum care requirements

The Kentia Palm is also known as Howea. This plant is like a fresh green leaf explosion with a stylish appearance and minimum care requirements. In addition the Kentia Palm loves to give you energy.

Kentia Palm

Since the discovery of the Kentia Palm, it isn’t strange that it has become a big green hit. It is an easy guest which asks little of you and in the meantime, is busy making you happy with oxygen and purer air.

Tropical surprise Kentia

Think of an azure blue sea, a sun-drenched pearly white beach and a green forest full of palms: that is where the Kentia Palm comes from. In the eighteenth century the plant was discovered on the paradise-like Lord Howe island close to Australia and that is where the small plants still come from. Therefore the Kentia Palm has racked up quite some air miles before it reaches your home.

Care of the Kentia Palm

The tropical Kentia Palm gives you a great feeling, energy and harmony. In exchange it is looking for:

  • A partly shaded position;
  • A position free of draughts;
  • Water once a week;
  • A bit of plant food during spring and summer;
  • A well-meant Australian ‘G'day mate’ in the morning to make it feel instantly at home.