A wall of palms

Give your Kentia Palm a matching background

You can’t get enough of Kentia Palms, but you can’t fit any more into your room? You can create an endless palm forest with this wallpaper.

Cole & Son palm wallpaper

At Cole & Son they have been making beautiful wallpaper since 1875, wallpaper which can also be found on the walls of Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. Nowadays the company has a collection of more than 2,150 designs, including this lovely one with palms. So if you are a fan of the Kentia Palm, but don’t have the space for a whole collection, just transform your wall into a wall of plants. The wallpaper is called Contemporary Restyled- Palm Jungle and is available in a range of colours. Isn’t it lovely what plants can do.


Designtapete Contemporary restyled- Palm Jungle von Cole & Son - pflanzenfreude.de
You can create an endless wall of palms with this Cole & Son wallpaper.