Heralding the spring

A houseplant with an extraordinarily springlike feeling is the Genisteae, better known as the broom plant. With its bright yellow colour and delicious fragrance, it combines beautifully with other spring favourites such as the primrose. 

Binnentuingevoel met bloeiende kamerbrem
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Broom is a yellow-flowering scented houseplant that is available in various sizes. This plant is specifically suited for indoors but it also works well as a patio, balcony or terrace plant in early spring. Although it can live both indoors and out, when placed outside it will flower for twice as long due to the lower temperatures.


Its yellow colour means the broom plant is ideal for the Easter table. The Broadleaf broom variety is produced in the Netherlands by a limited number of growers, some of which are considered to be "royal" after being produced after more than a hundred years of craftsmanship.


Genisteae is the Latin name for broom, and the plant is part of the large plant family called buttercup, characterised by its unusual flower structure. There are as many as 90 species of broom which thrive in gardens. Many of these plants originate from Europe and Western Asia. Broadleaf broom, meanwhile, comes from the Canary Islands.