Potted Chrysanthemum

A riot of colour until well into autumn

Red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, white and green: you have so many options with potted chrysanthemums. Their warm appearance brings a colourful dose of optimism to your home with love. Which is definitely welcome when everything outdoors seems to be grey.


You can recognise the potted chrysanthemum by the eye-catching coloured flowers. There are a host of varieties: with small or large flowers, with a single or double row of petals, spiky or round petals. The varied range means the plant really does work in any interior. The potted chrysanthemum is also easy to live with and will readily flower for up to 8 weeks - well into autumn. That will definitely result in some happy faces!


In Europe we love the potted chrysanthemum, but nowhere is the plant as popular as in Japan. Kiku, as the chrysanthemum is called there, can be found on the royal coat of arms, the passport and the 50 Yen coin. The Japanese also celebrate the plant during the annual Good Luck Festival, because the potted chrysanthemum is said to bring good luck. That much attention is bound to make a plant sparkle.


Chrysanthemums are amongst the world’s oldest ornamental plants. They were cultivated more than 2000 years ago in China, and 1000 years later they came to Europe via Japan. Here we enjoy potted chrysanthemums all season long, both as an indoor and outdoor plant.