Autumn trend 2015: a colourful garden

How to get through autumn happy

You can enjoy a cheerful autumn by playing lavishly with the season’s colours. No falling leaf blues, but enjoying the last weeks of good weather. It’s still lovely to be outdoors and make it as beautiful as possible. 

Bursting colours 

If you’re not the kind of person who sticks strictly to the gardening calendar, the happy autumn garden is definitely something for you. Instead of tidying up, you place everything that still has life and flowers together to create an attractive tableau. Before you know it you will have created a lovely corner with plants such as autumn violets, ling heather and colourful cushion chrysanthemums which you can enjoy for a long time. With this style you don’t need to stick to the colour rules - purple heather can happily burst out next to berry red. Really let rip with things like cheerful birdhouses and pots with stripes and dots, and feel free to place a couple of attractive branches in a child’s watering can.

Herfsttrend 2015: een kleurrijke tuin

Cheerful and playful 

This style also involves taking a positive and optimistic view of the changing weather. Have a go at planting something. It’s fine - as long as there’s no frost, all sorts of things will still grow and bloom, like the prickly heath and aster for example. Sowing also remains a possibility. The pumpkin seeds from your autumn soup will grow rapidly if you place them in soil, and will thus provide fresh greenery. You can also revel in the fabulous colours of autumn, for example by placing plants together by colour. You can also start preparing yourself for winter by gathering some evergreens. That will mean your view is always green, and you can hang all sorts of things in them to brighten them up, like home-made fat balls

The colours

The most common colours to create this trend in your garden or on your balcony are listed below. They include the brown, green and grey that are in keeping with autumn, but also some purple and blue to create depth and excitement. You really can’t go wrong if you combine shades within this colour chart. The colours are shown with a basic paint code which you can use to have the colour in question mixed at any specialist paint store.