Zigzag plant

Minimalist with strong roots

The zigzag plant, also known as Corokia Maori, is a minimalist plant with roots that reach back to the Maori tribes of New Zealand. This plant brings both a Kinfolk-ready element and a rich ancestry into your home.

Corokia Maori Bakker Mooiwatplantendoen.nl

Colours and shapes

Call it fragile and whimsical or modern and minimalist: the zigzag plant is a stylish apparition which fits nicely in a home where everything is already perfect. The zigzag plant’s branches bear leathery leaves with silvery undersides. Some varieties of the zigzag plant even grow small, star-shaped yellow flowers which then transform into red berries. And try sniffing the plant - what does it remind you of? Precisely - musk!


With a plant with such a lengthy history, you would expect a matching symbolism. Yet nothing is further from the truth. The zigzag plant has no symbolism of its own, and will therefore have to rely on its unusual appearance and the link with the Maori. Actually, that’s quite remarkable in itself. 


These zigzag plant is originally a shrub, and can be found growing wild in New Zealand. The shrub used to offer natural protection against plant-eating Moas - massive extinct flightless birds that lived on the island. Corokia Maori is a member of the completely New Zealand-based plant family Argophyllaceae.