5 tips for a plant-filled summer

See, feel, taste and smell the summer season

It's finally summer! The time of year that's dominated by enjoyment, relaxation and fun, whether together or alone or in your back garden, on your balcony or in the park. Wherever you're celebrating, surround yourself with greenery! With these five tips, going green this summer will be a piece of cake.

A summer table | thejoyofplants.co.uk
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Working from home is here to stay, but why not work outside instead of at your desk? A workplace in nature! Outside, surrounded by flowers and plants, you'll be more productive and creative, not to mention that it's healthier than working indoors all day. Find out how to move your home office outside here.

Rainy summer days or it's just too hot to work outside? Then bring the summery outdoor feeling inside. Find out how to boost your career with colourful plants and create a workplace that brings out the best in you. 


Summer may have arrived, but realistically you can't spend the entire season on holiday. If you make sure you're surrounded by fragrant plants, however, your home will be as good as your favourite holiday destination!

Choose plants with scents that remind you of your favourite place to travel, or that remind you of your favourite summer meal. And for some extra inspiration, discover these five wonderfully scented summer plants. How about the fresh scent of eucalyptus, the classic scent of lavender and the floral, sweet fragrance of jasmine?

3. Bring summer plants to your table

The dining table is the place where we gather with friends, family and lovers. Now that the long summer evenings have arrived, al fresco dining is a fantastic option.  With a summer table full of edible plants and flowers, you'll create the ultimate summer feeling. Close your eyes and imagine: the smell of summer flowers such as sweet peas, the taste of lemon, the sound of rustling leaves...

It's also fun to create the vibe of your favourite holiday destination at and around your table. For example, use olive trees, citrus trees, basil and lavender for a Mediterranean feel, or choose fig trees, palm and ferns for a tropical mood. 


Being zen is one of the most sought-after states of mind, while also being hard to achieve. Let us show you how to go about creating the right environment to discover your zen this summer, both inside and out.

Surrounding yourself with plants helps you relax and has a positive impact on your mental and physical health. And that's not all! Plants muffle noise, purify the air and create more connection with your living environment. In short, it's a fab idea to plan a me-time moment among the plants and experience their beneficial effects! 

Siesta tussen de planten Mooiwatplantendoen.nl

5. relax in the water with plants

A large backyard is an unprecedented luxury and should you be so lucky, you naturally want to enjoy it to the max such as with a swimming pond. If you have a smaller garden or a balcony or you don't want to dig a hole, however, we've got your back. Find out how to make your natural pool or shower here

Even if you can't swim in your own backyard, just looking at and playing with water is relaxing. Discover these four simple DIYs with water (kids will love them too!) and create your own mini pond in no time at all. 

More summer inspiration

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