Bathing in green

Make your own natural bath
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Natural swimming pools are the lastest trend. A lovely pool to splash around in, filtered by plants instead of chemical agents. It's just as if you are diving into a cool lake after a long hike. It is of course a huge luxury if you can swim in your own backyard already, but if you have a small garden or a balcony, this is a way to cool off in the summer without having to dig an enormous hole. Read on to find out how to make your own natural bath or shower.  

Bathing in green |

Water friends

The how-to is actually very simple. You add the most beautiful water plants to your bath, shower or swimming pond for decoration and for filtering. Think of aquatic plants such as water lilies and grass-esque plants such as New Zealand flax, palm grasses and bulrush (recognizable by its thick brown cigars). These plants are beautiful, and they prevent hours of scrubbing the pool as aquatic plants keep things nice and clean. Here are some plants which could work for you, depending on your garden and your taste. 

Aquatic plants

If you have the pleasure of regularly diving into your own swimming pool, then you naturally want the water to always be at its cleanest. Provide the right water plants, then you're golden. We added Limnobium, Pistia Stratiotes, Salvinia Natans and Phyllanthus fluitans to our swimming pool. These absorb the nutrients so that no food is left behind for algae. In short, they take a lot of work off your hands and it also make the pool beautiful to look at. Win win! You can buy ready-made packs of small water plants, which you can add to your bath along with flower petals and slices of citrus for the most heavenly bath imaginable. 

Tons of water

Tons of water No room for a bath or swimming pool? You can go a long way with a container filled with water. Decorate your spot with exotic plants. Think Plumbago, palms or banana plants - although if you go for the latter option, make sure you plant it in a pot that can be taken inside in the winter. Although palm plants can take a beating, the climate in the UK is unfortunately not exotic enough to leave it outside all winter. It withstands temperatures around freezing point well, but not indefinitely.

Pink water lily 

Pay special attention to the pink water lily, because this beautiful flower not only brings great colour to your backyard, but contributes to a pleasant mystical feeling. Imagine: a setting sun, a reflection of light on the water of your swimming pool, and then taking a dip between all kinds of pink lilies. Idyllic, no?

We'd love to see what your outdoor pool, shower or pond looks like. Share it with us via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants. Want more inspiration for your balcony or backyard? Read here how to transform your garden into an outdoor office or how to decorate your table in the summer.