Prickly but ever so easy

The Myrtillocactus can live in the living room, on the patio or in the drinks cabinet. Revel in the knowledge that you can happily ignore this prickly friend for a while. The cactus’s body stores moisture for the times when it gets less attention but obviously a little TLC is always more than welcome and it will help your Myrtillocactus to flourish!

Colours and shapes

If you create the perfect conditions for this roommate, it will rapidly grow into a sizeable companion -up to 5 metres tall! After the greenish white flowers, this cactus will produce blue berries, hence the nickname blueberry cactus,which are eaten as a snack in Mexico. The green body of the cactus functions in the same way as the green leaves of other plants: it enables the plant to breathe. The Myrtillocactus is part of the Cactaceae family.


There is no known symbolism or legend associated with the Myrtillocactus but you can easily create one of your own. We believe that the Myrtillocactus stands for conviviality and camaraderie. It may be a prickly plant, yes, but even our funniest friends have their moments!


The Myrtillocactus originates from Mexico and Guatemala.