Purple clouds on your terrace

You can turn your patio or balcony into a Mediterranean oasis with Bougainvillea. If you've ever enjoyed a holiday on the Mediterranean, you are probably familiar with the pink clouds of Bougainvillea. These are the Bougainvillea’s beautiful papery bracts that surround the plant's flowers. The Bougainvillea originates from South Africa and is a real sun worshipper. With a bit of encouragement and good care it can also grow and flower well in the UK.  Ideally it should be placed in a sunny sheltered spot on the patio or balcony, or in a lovely home-made dip-and-dye pot.


Care and position

Bougainvilleas drink a lot, so give it plenty of water. Do make sure that the water can drain well by using a pot with holes in the base and place a layer of gravel or pot shards at the bottom. Watering is particularly important for plants in pots on your balcony or patio. Place your Bougainvillea in a light spot (direct sunlight is allowed) and give it plant food once a fortnight during the flowering period. Bougainvillea can get through the winter just fine if you place it in a cool spot where there's no frost. Give it slightly less water in the winter, and water it more again in the spring.


Bougainvillea availability

April to July.

Grower's tip! Give your Bougainvillea less water on days when there is less sun if you want it to flower rather than grow.