Mother's Day: Original green gift ideas

Discover the most beautiful plants, tips and DIYs

Mothers are special, and they deserve to be celebrated. There for you throughout thick and thin, they're one of the people who know you best in the world, and can be relied upon for love, advice and a shoulder to cry on. This Mother's Day, give your mum the gorgeous gift she deserves! 

Get inspired by our ideas for beautifully original green gifts for this special day. From plants rich in symbolism to creating a green retreat, read on and discover your favourite Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day
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Looking for a Mother's Day gift with symbolic meaning? Plants can speak for your feelings for you if you let them. Show mum how warm your feelings are by gifting her a plant. As plants grow and bloom for many years, they symbolise unconditional love. From traditional roses to heart-shaped Anthurium and striking Cyclamen: discover the six most beautiful plants for Mother's Day, all packed with symbolism, and choose your favourite!


Mothers get a million things done every day, and sometimes they neglect their own needs in the process. It's high time to surprise your mama, or your mother figure, with an inventive and original gift that helps her to relax: a plant retreat in her own home. You can create such a green oasis of tranquillity anywhere: in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, or on the balcony. Did you know that a green environment is good for your mental and physical health? Creating a little green retreat for your mother to relax in is practically guaranteed to boost her mood. Let us show you how. 


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