Exotic and unique

The glorybower, Clerodendrum Prospero, is only cultivated by a single grower in Europe. That makes this exotic beauty even more intriguing. Take the opportunity to bring the mysterious glorybower into your home. 

Colours and shapes

The glorybower is an abundantly flowering plant with elegant hanging white clusters of flowers which does very well in Europe as a houseplant. What you notice immediately are the shiny green leaves combined with the pure white flowers. The glorybower looks outstanding anywhere in the home.


The word ‘clerodendrum’ is derived from the Greek word ‘kleros’, which means fate or opportunity. ‘Dendron’ means tree. ‘Prospero’ means dynamic or successful. So the plant’s name is certainly full of promise. One thing is certain: the glorybower will definitely bring a winning opportunity into your home. 


The Danish botanist Nathaniël Wallich sailed to India in 1807. He classified many plants there, named them and wrote various plant books. Clerodendrum Prospero’s exotic beauty also caught his eye. More than 200 years later, we are still falling for the charms of this Indian seductress.