An ambitious climber with watercolour-like leaves

The Ivy, you might know it as the Hedera, actually originates from Europe, and loves to grow. It also produces the prettiest leaves and even though it has a dynamic character, it asks very little of you.

Ivy (Hedera)

The Ivy, or Hedera, loves to grow, climb and hang. It also produces the prettiest leaves with green, yellow, silver and white features, similar to a watercolour. These leaves don’t just have a perfect shape, they also purify the air. They're good for you! This also makes the Ivy an ideal candidate for a plant wall in your home or workplace.

Your Ivy's background

If you visit this website often, you will know that many houseplants have exotic roots. Not the Ivy! It comes from Europe and that is why it is used to a cooler climate and thrives really well in a home with modest temperatures. If your Ivy is happy, it will radiate positive vibes.