How plants get rid of the autumn blues

Ready for autumn
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We certainly don’t want to talk you into having an autumn dip, because we love this season. The changing colours in nature, the stillness in the garden and those low rays of sunshine: they’re all part of it and they make us happy. But should you nonetheless start feeling a little blue, we’d like to help you get out of it. With plants, obviously.

So verjagen Ihre Pflanzen den Herbst-Blues

Eating healthily, getting exercise and going outdoors are some remedies against the autumn blues. But how can plants help you and your mood dip? In various ways - just take a look.

Beauty queens & show plants

Plants enjoy stunning looks. They exist in innumerable combinations of green, have flowers or spikes, abundant vein patterns or minimalist plain leaves. Large, small, hanging, shining with pride or modest matte tones. And so there’s always one - or a whole group - that will make you happy. For a high smile content, maybe try the Polka dot begonia (see main image), Ceropegia with its idiosyncratic heart-shaped leaves, or a sturdy fig that instantly puts you in holiday mode. Bye blues.

Pure green air fresheners

They’re not just standing around looking beautiful - your plants are also working incredibly hard. Some species remove harmful substances from the air and carry them away through their roots. They emit oxygen and help maintain the humidity in your home. The houseplants of the month for October happened to be the stars of the Natural Air Purifiers category: Spathiphyllum, Gerbera, Nephrolepis and ivy. Take a deep breath. How do you feel now?

Speaking plants

Plants have tiny mouths - called stoma - but they use those for exuding moisture, not talking. Yet many plants tell a story: they often come from tropical regions, have a special symbolic meaning or bear a fun nickname. If you explore the story behind your plant you will never look at it in the same way again.  Hence the flower of the Strelitzia is also called the Bird of Paradise because of the resemblance. We can guarantee you’ll look at your houseplants through rose (and green) tinted glasses in future.

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