DIY tip: How handy - a hanging plant with its own reservoir

Hang, drink and radiate beauty - that's all these green wonders do
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Long tendrils, wild spears, fountain shapes - you can find all this amongst hanging plants. They are the Houseplants of the month for September, and if you don't fancy getting the kitchen steps out every week to water them, this DIY tip is the perfect solution. You leave the plant to do what it does best (hanging) and give it the freedom to soak up as much H2O as it needs when it wants to. A transparent container like this will beautifully reflect the light and is perfect for minimalist interiors. In the photo the fabric strip matches the colours of the plant; you can do the same if you have a hanging plant with red or white accents. Let your imagination run wild! 

Hangplanten DIY

What you need:

  • 1 Ceropegia  

  • A (glass) pot with a hole in the bottom

  • A smaller pot, e.g. a jam jar

  • A 100% cotton T-shirt

  • A stick

  • Scissors, wire cutter/pliers

  • Roll of wire

  • Thick wire for the hanging system

How to make it

Step 1:

Use wire to make a sturdy ring around the larger pot, and twist three loops into it that will take the fabric strip in due course. Create a ring with loops for the smaller pot as well; the wire must be tight enough that the pots cannot slip through the ring.  

Step 2:

Cut four strips out of the T-shirt approximately 1.5 - 2 cm wide and at least 40 cm long (you can always trim them later) and tie three of them to the loops. Tie the ends of the fabric strips together. Cut out another three strips to attach the small pot to the larger pot, also 1.5 - 2 cm wide and at least 25 cm long. 

Step 3:

Use the stick to carefully push the fourth fabric strip deep into the plant's soil, place the plant in the pot and pull the fabric strip through the hole at the bottom.

Hang up the large pot and hang the small pot below it by attaching its fabric strips to the ring on the large pot.

The small pot should hang about 10 cm below the large pot; you can place a good length of the fabric strip from the large pot in the small pot. Make sure there is always enough water in the small pot, and the plant will then take up the moisture via the fabric strip. Talk about self-sufficient!