Extravagant indoor bloomer with a fresh look

From serene white to candy pink, bright orange and vivid purple: Gerbera is a party in a pot that makes your whole home feel better.

Colours and shapes 

Gerbera has the most recognisable flower in the world - every child draws flowers like that: a sturdy stem and cheerful petals around a cute heart. As a houseplant, it also has sturdy leaves that have air-purifying properties and help ensure good humidity indoors. That means it’s not just beautiful but also functional. Gerbera is available with flowers in bright colours, pastels shades and bicoloured, and from mini to a complete bed in a pot. And the flowers can be single or double, but can also have exotic shapes. With a choice of over 600 different shapes, colours and sizes, there’s always a Gerbera to match you, your mood and your interior. 


Gerbera is a member of the daisy family and is native to South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania.  There are some 30 known species in the wild. The houseplant is a hybrid of two South African Gerberas. The plant was discovered by the Dutch botanist Gronovius, who named it after his colleague, the German botanist and physician Traugott Gerber. The Gerbera arrived in Europe in 1887. 


Gerbera symbolises innocence and the joy of a simple life.