5 tips for making your house both more beautiful and more healthy

With the aid of plants, naturally

Your home is your haven, the place where you find peace, can be yourself and can recharge. The healthier your home is, the better you feel. These 5 tips will make that even easier.

5 tips om je huis mooier én gezonder te maken klimop, gerbera, krulvaren en Spatiphyllum Mooiwatplantendoen.nl

1. Opt for green bubbles 

A normal household never needs antibacterial cleaning products, according to the Health Council of the Netherlands. In fact, they can cause resistance to antibiotics, so that their effectiveness is dramatically reduced. Clean really is clean enough. If you want to reduce the quantity of chemicals in your home, opt for an eco cleaning product or good old-fashioned green soap. 

2. A definite distraction

Plants in the home make us feel happier. We have more energy and can concentrate better. But when you bring such an enormous beauty into your home you do run the risk that you just can’t keep your eyes off the green stunner. A luxuriant fern, a gorgeous sterlitzia in the corner, banana trees smiling cheerfully at you: it makes focusing on your household admin a challenge.

3. Take a deep breath 

You feel healthier when the air quality in your home is at its best. Not too dry, not too hot and preferably without micro-organisms. Luckily plants can help you with that. There are plenty to choose from. Will you opt for exciting ivy or the trendy missionary plant? Also take a look at the rest of our purifying line-up

4. Plants in the kitchen

What’s missing from a clean and tidy kitchen? Precisely - a bit of life. Herb plants like basil, lemon trees or a charming fig in the kitchen add extra zing to all the dishes you produce there. Even if it’s only because you briefly feel like you’re by the Mediterranean. With a bit of luck, you’ll enjoy the fresh flavour on your plate as well. 

5. Chemical-free sleep 

Mosquitoes, flies, spiders - no-one enjoys that sort of tickling under the duvet. With lemongrass and carnivorous plants in the bedroom you no longer need to reek of mosquito spray. And equally important: you’ll wake up without bites!