4 ideas for creating cosy corners with plants

Recharge at home with plants

Just like your phone or your laptop, sometimes you need to recharge your batteries. It's good to get away from all the stress, from people demanding things of you, and a head overflowing with information. Sometimes all you need is a short time in your own green refuge. Discover our ideas for four green seating areas below.

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benefits of houseplants

You probably already knew that plants have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. They remove unhealthy substances from the air and give you fresh air. And if this isn't enough, they dampen noise, make you more productive and help reduce stress. Several studies have shown that people near plants are less stressed than people in a plant-free environment, and that people in a room full of plants have lower blood pressure than people in a room without plants.

plants provide peace

Plants make you feel one with nature. They are always there for you, like green rest points in an increasingly fast world. They do not let themselves be driven crazy by the issues of the day, but steadily do what they are good at. So you can also see them as Zen examples and even do mindfulness exercises with them. In short: plenty of reasons to get started with a green sanctuary. Which of the four green seats is your favourite?

1) more shapes, more fun

Do you not have much space for large plants, but do you have a windowsill or table with room for greenery? Then mix & match with many different shapes of leaves and colours of plants. Get inspiration for colourful plants here, or take inspiration from our choices below. We used, from left to right: Aglaomorpha Coronans Jim, Orchid, Schismatoglottis Wallichii, asparagus fern and fern Adiantum.

planten vensterbank | kamerplanten | orchidee | asparagus

2) the bigger, the better

Do you have a seating area with space for large plants? Then use that space by using large houseplants and/or house trees. For example, make a room divider from indoor trees such as Ficus, Yucca, Pachira, Dracaena and Polyscias, or place a number of green friends in a stylish plant pot or bag. We bet they will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in no time at all. We used here from left to right: Philodendron, Ficus Elastica Robusta on stem and fern Adiantum.

kamerbomen zithoek | kamerplanten | calathea

3) more plants, more joy

Want to be a little extra? Then dive into the woods to bathe in greenery, or create a green world indoors. Place as many houseplants and trees together as possible and alternate tall plants with low plants for a playful effect. Here we used Ficus Elastica, Philodendron Erubescens, Rhipsalis , Phlebodium,  Asparagus fern,  Alocasia Zebrina and fern Adiantum. 

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4) from the cabinet to the wall

Climbing and hanging plants, striking leaves and structures, 100 shades of green...do you have a plant style so diverse that it cannot be described? That's a good thing, because everything is possible and allowed in this green setting. Combine greenery by feel and guide your climbing plants from the cupboard to the wall. We used Philodendron Scandens and Rhipsalis (coral cactus) on the cupboard. On the ground: Philodendron, Monstera, Dieffenbachia and blue fern. 

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more inspiration

Could you use some more inspiration to green your home? Then discover this green style guide with plant tips to make every room in your home a little greener, or discover how you can provide your (home) office with plants that will boost your career. And for your daily dose of green inspiration, you can also take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages and tag us with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.​