Green fan of movement

Take a good look at the leaves which are wavy, ribbed, round, pointed or with oval shapes and the loveliest patterns. These are not the best things about the Calathea; when the sun breaks through in the morning, the leaves open up to receive the light and in the evening they close again. Shhh…can you hear them rustle?

The Calathea is the Houseplant of the month of September 2014 -

Calathea, king of the jungle

The Calathea was born in the jungles of the Amazon region in South America, in the shadow rich layer under the closely growing vegetation to be precise. Therefore your Calathea doesn’t have a problem with a bit of shade. Place it in a shaded corner, in the bathroom, hall or bedroom. If you place it in the bedroom though, don’t get a shock when it moves in the night.