A new start with Calathea

Giving a Calathea is giving symbolism

Giving a houseplant as a gift is always a good idea, but giving a Calathea is even more special.

Calathea houseplant September thejoyofplants.co.uk
You don’t just give a houseplant with the Calathea

Calathea as a symbolic gift

The houseplant Calathea is a symbol of a new beginning. This meaning comes from the English saying ‘to turn over a new leaf’, which is what the plant does in the dark. This symbolism makes this an extra special gift. You could give it for example, to someone who has just moved house, has a new job or is starting something new in another way. 

Feel better with plants

As well as the lovely symbolism, the Calathea also possesses other qualities. We have listed them for you:
  • The plant is also known for its air purifying quality. This ensures that you feel better around a Calathea. Nice to give away a good feeling!
  • If you want to say something else about the plant when giving it as a gift, you can also mention that it looks like there are eyes on the leaves of some Calatheas, just like peacock feathers. That is why the plant is sometimes called the Peacock plant.
  • And finally: the Calathea also loves being in the bathroom, so it is a good spot to place it.


Even more Calathea did-you-knows

Are you convinced or would you like to know more about the Calathea? You can find more information in the Plant Guide. Enjoy giving the plant!