A fast-growing indoor climbing plant

Pothos, also known as Scindapsus or Devil's ivy, is at home anywhere indoors. Hanging or climbing, this houseplant with its distinctive heart-shaped leaves instantly makes the space more beautiful. 

Colours and shapes 

Pothos has gorgeous heart-shaped satin-textured leaves. It grows in silver, pale green and golden yellow varieties, and some have whitish spots or a flame pattern. The leaves grow from long tendrils that you can train around doorways, up walls and across ceilings, or leave to hang down from a high-up plant pot. It means there are multiple possibilites when it comes to your interior plant design


Pothos is known as a lucky plant that helps to bring its owner wealth and good fortune. So don’t hesitate to buy this plant for anyone who could do with a financial windfall. And that includes yourself!


Pothos is a member of the Araceae family. It grows in south-east Asia, Indonesia and on the Solomon Islands. In the tropical rainforests the plant is a rich source of food for animals including lizards and other reptiles. The Latin name Epipremnum Pinatum is derived from the Greek word 'epi' which means 'on' and 'premnon', Greek for ‘stem’. This is because the plant grows up the stem — or trunk — of trees.