Mexican orange blossom

Aromatic beauty with flowers like stars

Sweet, fresh, citrus-like: everything about Mexican orange blossom smells delicious, right down to the green leaves.

Mexicaanse oranjebloesem

When Mexican orange blossom (scientific name: Choisya) is in bloom, you will see a bush on which the greenery is almost totally obscured by the white umbels. Up close those umbels are revealed to consist of fantastic individual flowers. Mexican orange blossom can reach a height of one and a half to two metres, and blooms in May and June with white flowers and a delectable fragrance. Those flowers are very attractive: five petals in a star shape around a green heart with a host of tall golden stamens. Mexican orange blossom is green in winter with dark, leathery leaves that smell of lemon if you rub them between your fingers. So you can enjoy an attractive scented ornamental shrub throughout the year.

Rich bloomer on dry soil

As the name suggests, Mexican orange blossom comes from Mexico. It survives there on fairly dry soil, which makes it a futureproof plant for the predicted drier summers. The plant is a member of the rue family. Butterflies, bumblebees and honeybees find the shrub irresistible. It’s a real biotope booster for its surroundings.


  • Mexican orange blossom derives its name from the fact that the flowers resemble the blossom of the orange tree.
  • Mexican orange blossom was brought to Europe in 1825 as the result of a botanical mission. It was initially an exclusive orangery plant here, until it was discovered that it can cope very well outside.
  • The plant symbolises endurance because it continues to flower during dry periods.