Passionflower (Passiflora)

A passion-filled summer

The passionflower could be the radiant centre of attention on a sunny patio or balcony this summer. With its exotic flowers and tangled tendrils covered in green foliage, the passionflower is unforgettable. It’s no surprise that it’s the ‘Patio plant of the year’. 

Fur color palette

Some 500 varieties of passionflowers (Passiflora) are known. As well as shades of blue and purple, the plant also comes with red, orange, yellow and white flowers. Some passionflowers can even bear decorative fruit after a good summer. Most passionflowers come from Latin America where the plant grows in the rainforest, using trees and shrubs as support to  climb towards the light. You can help your passionflower make its way towards the light by stretching wires or attaching a trellis to the wall. 



Passionflower availability

April to June.