Balcony and patio plant of the year 2015

Garden toppers Fuchsia and Passiflora in the spotlight

Two stars of the garden are selected every year to brighten up your balcony and patio, one from the balcony and one from the patio. This year both winners have exceptional flowers that you can enjoy for a whole year.


Hurrah for the Fuchsia 

This year the Fuchsia has been chosen as ‘Balcony Plant of the Year’. An excellent choice, since this familiar friend flowers throughout the summer. Because the Fuchsia is easy to care for, it shines on many a balcony. The flower colours range from white and pink through to orange and red. The heart of the flower often has a different shade, such as purple or white, that creates a cheerful effect. Mix & match to suit your taste!

Passionate climber: Passiflora

The Passiflora has been chosen as ‘Patio Plant of the Year’. This climber gets its fantastic name from its eye-catching exotic flowers. In the summer it creates plenty of greenery on your patio. Let the Passiflora’s tendrils find their own way and climb up trellises, wire mesh or a wigwam of canes. 

Klimmer vol passie: Passiflora