Floral torch with total wow factor

Cymbidium’s stem is hidden somewhere in a forest of pale green leaves, and the flower stems are quickly almost bowed down by the weight of the flowers. That’s what makes this orchid so unique: it’s a very green, cheerful plant that looks very full.



Colours and shapes

Cymbidium flowers for weeks like a flaming torch with red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, green or bicoloured flowers that sometimes have a light pleasant fragrance. It's available from normal pot sizes through to an outsize version that makes a gorgeous indoor shrub. What makes Cymbidium particularly desirable is that the orchid is only available in the autumn and winter.


Cymbidium is a member of the orchid family. It’s certainly no delicate flower - it’s accustomed to surviving on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. Even on that rocky nutrient-poor soil, in cold nights and in bright light it’s able to produce its mysterious, elegant flowers. Every flower has a hollow arched lip that resembles a boat. ‘Kymbos’ is the Greek word for boat, from which the name Cymbidium derives.


The plant is known as the ‘king of the orchids’, thanks to the philosopher Confucius who described it as such. Cymbidium is traditionally a special gift for friends; the flower symbolises a valued and respected friendship.