Striking appearance welcomes spring

A crystal ball can predict the future, but a ball of little coloured flowers can predict the spring. You can bring the spring into your home with a Hydrangea, whether you prefer red, purple, pink, white, blue or green.  The delicate flower petals provide a lovely contrast with the sturdy dark green leaves and woody stems. Will this make you happy?

hortensia | mooiwatplantendoen

colours and shapes

There is always a hydrangea that suits you. Pink, white, purple, blue or green. This coSy plant is available in almost every coloUr imaginable! As well as the ball shaped Hydrangea you can also get Syringa (lilac) shaped, double-coloured, colour- changing and lace cap types? This last one is also called a Teller variety.


The Hydrangea in your living room has a rich past. Its ancestors come from namely Asia and South America. The English botanist Sir Joseph Banks brought a Hydrangea back to Europe for the first time at the end of the eighteenth century. The plant became extremely popular through its appearance at the botanical Kew Gardens in London and the Versailles of the Sun King Louis 14th and this has remained the same ever since.


We know that the hydrangea is named after a woman, but it is unclear who exactly. It's suspected that the inspiration was Hortense van Nassau, a tough lady took part in an expedition around the world.