Hydrangea tea (甘茶 )

Lovely tea ceremony on Buddha’s birthday

Hydrangea tea on the 8th of April

Lovely, how the spring sun shines on your hydrangea. Did you know that this ball shaped beauty plays a leading role in an important tea ceremony in Japan? On the 8th of April the Buddhists remember the day when Buddha was born and celebrate the spring. This important festive day is called Hana Matsoeri where the people celebrating, drink Hydrangea tea (甘茶 ). Not only do they drink the tea, they also pour it over the Buddha statues in the temple gardens three times to anoint them.

This is how you make Hydrangea tea

Hydrangea tea is not made from the plant you have in your home or in your garden. The tea is being cooked from a wild variety which we don’t know in Europe, with soft and sweet tasting flower petals.  It is special to have the experience in Japan but don’t make the tea from your own hydrangea. Yours is perfect to admire but definitely not suitable for consumption.