Inexhaustible bloomer with flowers like stars

Don’t be misled by its delicate, elegant appearance - Campanula is a strong, easy garden plant that endlessly produces new flowers. 


Campanula (also known as Bellflower) is a familiar garden beauty which flowers lavishly with distinctive, highly decorative flowers. There are high-flowering and low-flowering varieties. Depending on the variety, the plant produces white, pink, lilac or purple bells with five petals. The flowers can be on trailing tendrils, but can also flower on top of the plant, between June and September. The foliage can be fresh green spikes or be soft and herbaceous.  

Mountain dweller 

Campanula is a member of the bellflower family (Campanulaceae). The plant grows in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. There are a particularly large number of species around the Mediterranean and in the Caucasus, of which some 300 are known.


  • The best-known member of the campanula family is the Star of Bethlehem - a real classic. 

  • In Northern Italy campanula often forms a natural hanging carpet over rock formations. It’s reminiscent of Rapunzel’s hair that dangled so appealingly from her tower window in the Grimm fairytale. 

  • Rampion, from which Rapunzel got her name, is a type of campanula. 

  • The plant symbolises attractiveness and growing up.