Brilliant trend: your garden as a second living room

These plants can be placed both indoors and outdoors!

With inside-out plants the garden becomes a growing, blooming extension of your home to enjoy all summer long. Heerlijke trend: je tuin als tweede huiskamer

Outdoor kitchens, seating areas, verandas for extending the outdoor season - they’re all incredibly popular, and they contribute to the feeling that indoors and outdoors merge seamlessly. Inside-out plants such as Campanula and Balloon flower help with this, because they can be used both in the living room and in your garden or on your patio. 

Unity of colour and mood 

There are various tricks to make your living room and garden or balcony a single entity. French doors help, as do sliding doors or panoramic windows. It’s nice to have the terrace at the same height as the floor and to match the two in terms of colour and mood. Paint the fence adjoining the interior wall the same colour to create unity in your sightlines. The effect is reinforced with an awning, pergola or veranda. 

Beautiful sightlines 

If this seems a bit too drastic or expensive, inside-out plants can help. For example, place some smaller specimens of Balloon flower and Campanula in front of the window, and have this interior garden gradually gain height with some larger specimens of Calla lily and Cockscomb. Then place a couple of pots with lilies on the other side of the window to make it look like an inside-out border. Add some natural accessories and you’ll have wonderful harmony in your home and garden all summer long.