Ficus 'Anouk'

The perfect air conditioner

With 'Anouk' you can chill and relax to your heart’s content, since it reduces stress and creates a clean environment. This natural air conditioner helps prevent sick building syndrome, so it’s like having a top notch set of lungs in your home.

Colours and shapes

The Ficus 'Anouk' is a real tomboy. With its oval-leaved tendrils, it scampers up to the top of the tallest tree but also looks great as groundcover beneath a sizeable ficus. You can create a miniature rainforest by placing this unusual plant in an attractive dish with pebbles or rugged chunks of wood.


The fig has many stories attached to it. Romulus and Remus’ crib got caught on the branches of a fig tree on the spot where Rome would later arise. The leaves of the Ficus carica (common fig) covered the naked Adam and Eve, making it the first plant species to be mentioned in the Bible.

The banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis) is one of the world’s largest trees. According to legend, Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) was able to shelter his entire army under this tree.

In Eastern mythology it was believed that figs were inhabited by spirits. The fig also symbolises abundance in this part of the world which makes sense, as you can eat it in many different ways.

'Anouk' is too young to have its own fantastic legend. 


The ficus originates from the tropical rainforests of South-East Asia: more specifically, from the Vietnamese jungle. There are various species of ficus, such as benjamina, elastica and sagittata. Their sister 'anouk' is a welcome and trendy addition to the Ficus family.