Knitting a plant pot without needles

Snug for you and your plants
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The colder months invite you to settle down in front of the hearth with a cup of warm tea and a thick woollen blanket. It’s time to slow down and take some time for yourself. And as the trees slowly but surely shed their leaves, you might fancy knitting something. If you’re still looking for a project, you’ve soon found it with this cosy plant basket. And don’t bother getting your knitting needles out - all you need for this craft project is wool. 

Always the same stitch

Knit two, purl two, drop one – you’re bound to be familiar with that knitting pattern. And also with the annoyance when you drop a stitch. To make sure that knitting remains fun, we’ve found a simple solution for making the most fabulous things out of wool. 

The idea of knitting without needles

Anne Weil from Denver in the American state of Colorado is an enthusiastic designer of knitting and crochet patterns which have made a virtue out of necessity. As well as thirty knitting patterns using fingers and arms, her book "Knitting Without Needles" also contains all sorts of amazing ideas, from a necklace to a bedspread. The American knitter, who has been absorbed by the craft since 2010, regularly publishes new ideas on her blog Flax & Twine. They include these plant baskets made from grey yarn.

Selbstgestrickter Pflanzentopf mit Manschette -

From idea to plant pot

The top image shows a plant pot with a sleeve. You can read here how easy it is to knit without needles. The best choice for this is thick wool, which you can also double up if required. You can find a selection of trendy XXL wools on Etsy.

Make it snug for your plants

Being cosily wrapped up at the end of the year is not just pleasant for you - your plants will also be delighted if you give them some warmth with handmade plant baskets. Ficus pumila "Variegata" with its variegated leaves (see image below) is very happy to snuggle up in a woolly cache-pot. Ficus anouk is also delighted to peep over the edge of a handmade pot with its long, oval leaves. Ficus lyrata, Ficus benjamina (see image below) or the Monstera will all look amazing in a big knitted basket.

Ficus benjamine und Ficus pumila im gestrickten Pflanzenkorb -

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