One plant, two faces

You will love these versatile plants if a) you enjoy colourful flowers, or b) you love cool leaves with beautiful leaf patterns and intense colours. And so it is, there are flowering Begonias and leaf Begonias (Rex).

Flowering Begonia and Begonia Rex (leaf) 

The flowering Begonia has flowers in red, pink, orange, white and yellow or multi-coloured, while the Begonia Rex only produces velvety leaves. But not just any velvety leaves! They have leaf patterns in silver, pink, burgundy red or various shades of green.  But if the light shines from a different angle…you see a completely new side to the furry leaves. Fascinating.

Cosmopolitan Begonia 

Before the Begonia was discovered as the ideal houseplant, you could find the plant in warm, humid, forest areas in New Guinea, southern Africa and The Andes. Now, there is also an outdoor variety available for your patio. In 1690, Charles Plumier, a French botanist and monk, named the Begonia after his patron, Michel Bégon. He was a French botanist and diplomat in the 17th Century, or did you already know that?