Make Christmas even more atmospheric with plants

The holidays start at home

The wonderful time for cocooning has arrived. A cosy blanket, a hot drink, a soothing jazz track playing in the background. Enjoy! And Christmas is winter’s ultimate enjoyment opportunity. Particularly if your interior makes an atmospheric contribution to the festive mood. And the best way to do that? Be inspired by our Christmas dossier.


Christmas for all the senses

People like something for the eye as well. A dinner with botanical influences tastes even better when you’re surrounded by things that you find beautiful. Such as plants. Plants are also incredibly good for you. So don’t just fill your home with music and fake snow this year - add plenty of plants as well. From a twinkling Christmas tree filled with (you guessed it) plants and an extravagant plant bouquet through to a botanical backdrop for your Christmas stocking. Trust us when we say that plants make Christmas even more atmospheric.

Giving is nicer than receiving

Everyone loves getting gifts, don’t they? But secretly it may be even more fun to give! To make that gift even more special, we have come up with a brilliant DIY craft project: wrapping presents with plants. But of course the nicest thing to give is a big smacker on lips of the person you fancy. Obviously you will give them that under the mistletoe.

Be inspired

Watch the video and immerse yourself in a world of plants, sweet treats, tips, good company and above all lots and lots of Christmas! If you just can’t get enough, take a look at our Instagram page as well for lots more botanical inspiration.