Festive December

31 days of pure enjoyment

December is packed with celebrations: Christmas, Hanukkah and – of course - New Year’s Eve. A month full of mince pies, turkey, glasses of fizz and a few days when you let yourself recover from all the indulgence. A time when the table looks even more appealing than usual, and we stretch out on the sofa with warm blankets and cost slippers. A month of pure enjoyment, which is even easier with our December dossier. 

Christmas Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Harmony and contemplation

The final month of the year is an opportunity to relive memories, feel gratitude for what has happened and build fresh energy for the future. That contemplation is best done in a place where you feel at home. Where excitement, nature and peace come together. And where the door is always open for friends and partying.


All the senses

We have a treat for all the senses this December. We have an unusual recipe for a Christmas pudding with plants, bring beautiful fragrances into the home with a fabulous winter bouquet, and offer lovely ‘ugly’ Christmas arrangements and airy artworks. But we’ve also got a treat for your eyes: by dressing the men up in floral fashion elements and wrapping women in comfy Christmas gowns that you will adore. 

Do it yourself

You’re likely to have some time off in December. We have a plenty of fun craft projects for you to bring out the festive feeling. Get to work on vintage vases, update your Instagram account with photos of fabulous floral displays, bring in some ilex for a unisex balance in your home and test your patience by filling glass baubles with pieces from nature.  

Will it be a white Christmas?

We’ll have to wait and see whether this Christmas will be white ... but it’s guaranteed to be colourful! With dark blue fabrics, the green of plants and moss on the table, a cheery red azalea in the corner and berries ranging from orange to pink in bundles, in wreaths and in the tree, it’s certainly not going to be a dull occasion. 


All you need to do now is count down to the start of the best month of the year. You can light the first advent candle on Sunday November 27th. Its light won’t just put the spotlight on everything beautiful in the home – it will also warm you. 

We wish you an amazing December!