Make Christmas better with houseplants

Make Christmas better with houseplants

The most wonderful time of the year has officially arrived: curl up with a cosy blanket, cradle a hot drink, and relax to the sound of carols in the background. Christmas is the time to bask in the delights of winter, all the more possible if your interior decoration contributes to the mood. Give your home a festive update with our list of Christmas tips, tricks and handy houseplant techniques to create a truly holiday atmosphere indoors.


Christmas for all the senses

We all like to have something beautiful to look at, as well as festive treats to eat and drink. Plants are an excellent solution: as well as being highly attractive, they bring a wealth of positive benefits. This year, try filling your home with more than Christmas cards and candles: add plenty of plants as well. From a twinkling Christmas tree decorated with houseplants and a festive plant display to a leaf backdrop for your Christmas stocking, trust us when we say that plants make Christmas even more magical.

Giving is nicer than receiving

Everyone loves getting gifts, but we all know it's more rewarding to give than receive. Make that gift even more special with our brilliant DIY craft project: presents wrapped with a botanical ornament. Of course, the best thing to give to your other half is a kiss — and where better to do that than under the mistletoe.

Be inspired

If you're after more ideas for giving your house and home a Christmas update, take a look at our Instagram page for extra houseplant goodness.