Asiatic tough guy brings colour to your life

The abundance of warm shades in the leaf makes Croton a real feature in your interior which makes things even more cheerful. 

Shapes and colours 

Croton can be recognised from a distance by its fabulous leaves. They’re on fire with green, yellow, orange, red and sometimes even purple, with distinctive veins and exciting spots. The plant comes in sizes from windowsill companion to indoor bush, and is a very easy houseplant which is also suitable for those who lack green fingers. 


Croton is a member of the Crotoneae family (Euphorbiaceae), also known as the Spurge family. It grows across a wide band from India via Indonesia to South-East Asia, where is can be found as a bush which can be several metres tall. The wide variety of colours and shapes is thanks to the ease with which the various species cross-pollinate. The original version probably came from the Moluccas. 


Croton’s colourful and sometimes colour-changing foliage means that the plant symbolises change. It’s an appropriately cheering gift for a child who is going off to college, a house move or a retirement.