DIY: Plants for sports fanatics

Go for gold in the Green Olympics!

Easy to live with, and sporty, rugged and energetic as well. These are green guys that can go the distance. And with these pots they also fit into an interior packed with sport references and optical effects. So go mad with paint, and score an amazing effect really easily. And you don’t need to buy expensive sports drinks for your plants - all they need is some water from time to time to keep them in peak condition.  

DIY: Plants for men on their marks

You will need:

  • A white variegated Croton

  • 2 sizes of Schefflera

  • 3 sizes of terracotta pots without drainage holes

  • White and red paint, brush, roller, paint tray

  • Masking tape

  • Potting soil

How to make it: 

Step 1

Paint 2 pots white and 1 red - it will probably take two coats on terracotta. Leave to dry thoroughly.  

Step 2

Mark diagonal stripes on the white pots with masking tape. Now paint the pots red two or three times until the colour really covers. Remove the tape as soon as the paint is dry.

Step 3 

Fill the pots with soil and place the plants in them.