Colourful flowers for bags of optimism

The Primula, official name Primula obconica, is a beautiful bloomer. With its colourful flowers and sturdy leaves, this houseplant gives heaps of colour and fills you with optimism at the end of the winter. With small amounts of regular water and a light position, it will bloom right into spring. Want an outside variety? We call this species Primula aucalis.

colours and shapes

The Primula will make your heart take a spring leap. Take a look at the bright green, sturdy leaves and lively flowers in pink, red, white, purple, lilac, yellow or blue. The Primula is also known as St. Peter's keys. Have you heard of the legend behind this name? The guardian of heaven, St. Peter had a valuable bunch of gold keys. One day they slipped out of his hand and fell onto the earth. Where they fell grew a striking plant grew with a bunch of golden yellow flowers. The name St. Peter's keys was born.


Wild Primulas are often found in the mountains of the northern hemisphere, including the Alps. In the lower areas Primulas are often yellow because they are pollinated by bees, whereas in higher areas, butterflies pollinate them. This creates white, pink, blue or violet flowers.


Primula is derived from primus (first) because it is one of the first flowers to bloom of the year. This winter bloomer stands for new beginnings, growth and hope.