Easy desert plants

Succulents are ideal for anyone who wants houseplants but isn't sure they have enough time to look after them. These plants are decorative, eye-catching and exceptionally easy to look after. There’s also a massive choice in terms of shape, colour and size.

succulents -

Colours and shapes

Succulents are primarily decorative foliage plants, although there are flowering varieties like Kalanchoe. Succulents are also particularly notable for their unique shapes: Haworthia and Aloë have a strong primeval feel, Echeveria is an elegant rosettes, Rhipsalis resembles coral, the snake plant is proud and indestructible, while Crassula looks like a mini-tree. The question is not whether there's a succulent for your house, but how to choose between all these quirky characters.


Succulents store moisture in their roots, stems and thick leaves. This allows them to effortlessly cope with dry periods, such as when you go away on holiday. There is no symbolism for the entire group of succulents, but you can consider every one of them to be loyal.


Most succulents come from the tropics and subtropics, and originally grew in dry mountainous regions and semi-deserts in Africa and South and Central America. They're tough plants that are also found growing wild in hot maritime locations like California and the Mediterranean.