Get started with Plant Design in 6 steps

6 steps to Plant Design

If there’s a room in your house that could do with some plant design but you’re unsure where to begin, these six tips will help you get started.

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1. Use your creativity

You can use plants to define a space or to draw attention to a specific part of the room. For example, create a plant ceiling full of hanging plants. Or see if you can create interesting shadows by placing a light under a plant.

2. See things from a different perspective

If you’re struggling to reimagine your room from the perspective of plants, take a step outside, then re-enter and see if you can view it differently. How and where does the light fall? Is it direct or indirect, and how does it move through the space during the day? Where will a plant look its best — is it possible to create beautiful shadowplay with the holes in the leaves of a Monstera? Then move through the area, and consider where you can display your plants to achieve the best effect from all angles.

3. Identify your style

Think about what your plant style is. If you are aiming for an urban jungle feel, go for several plants together. Create exciting combinations of plants with different colours, shapes and textures. Cluster, in other words! When clustering, make sure that you put plants together that have the same need for light. Because plants who grow together, stay together.

If you are more of a minimalist type, choose one special or very large plant. By lighting these in a nice position, for example on a side table or plant column, they have even more impact on the room.

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4. Don't be afraid!

Dare to try. By doing and trying more - a plant here, or there - you will discover your ideal Plant Design recipe. You decide what design is; tastes differ. There is no right or wrong and it is not a problem if a plant dies, it is a natural thing and part of the process. By taking care of plants you increase your knowledge and with that your self-confidence.

5. Divide and conquer

Put all the plants and pots you already have in the middle of the room and start dividing the plants again. Can you add more plants? Or do you miss certain structures or shapes? Then go on a fieldtrip to the plant shop or garden centre.

And be honest. You know yourself and you know how good you are at taking care of plants. If plants have a tendency to die quickly in your home, buy plants that are easy to take care of. Think of cacti, succulents or pancake plants, Yuccas, Monsteras and Snake plants. You can't break them no matter how hard you try!

6. Get inspired

If you’re still scratching your head and wondering where to start, check out Instagram for cool green projects that will spark your imagination. Make a moodboard with all your favourite plant design projects, and feel the creativity begin to flow. 

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