Green to restore the calm

Enjoying your own retreat at home

If you’re following the interior trend of big foliage, the good news is you’re brining more than just green into your home...

Wellbeing is green

Green is the colour of nature. Green is the most predominant colour on the planet after blue. Green balances our energies, and it can be used to increase our sensitivity and compassion towards others, another aspect of mindfulness. It represents purity and harmony, and has a calming effect.  It soothes the nervous system and is a great healer of our mental state. Its complementary colour is magenta, so it’s no surprise that #Plantsonpink is such a hit!

Here are our top pics of trending plants with big foliage to help bring in the calm in a big, leafy way.


A plant that was very popular in the 70’s, and has made a massive comeback with its huge leaves, is an obvious choice with this rising green trend. A relatively easy plant to take care of, the only tricky part is how to get that oversized Monstera plant you’ve found home.

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Ficus Lyrata

Another much sought after plant of late with its big, lush green, and beautifully shaped leaves. Quite an exotic plant that can transport your mind to a rainforest far, far away. They can grow up to 15 metres there, but luckily for us, we can keep their size quite happily contained at home.

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Elephant Ear Plant (Alocasia Colocasia)

This jungle superstar with its impressively sized leaves is a must if you want to up your jungle game and create a cosy retreat feeling. Perfect if you meditate or practice yoga at home; their big leaves are also great air-purifiers and their bold injection of green will bring a sense of calm and wellbeing to any home. Adam Hustler recently showed us how to create the perfect yoga sanctuary with plants at home.

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We can certainly marvel at this beautiful variety. Not only do their leaves offer so many different colours and decorative patterns, but a quirky fact about their foliage is that they open and close in response to night and daylight, they’re known as praying plants because of this movement. They do not need much light, so they can happily thrive in a room that's not well lit, so that’s one less thing to fret about!

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Musa (Banana tree)

We do not need any excuse to bring the tropics into our homes to take our minds of the madness of the outside world. With their elongated leaves that hang in such a relaxing way, it's easy to cosy up next to this plant with a cup of tea and a good book, or a cocktail in hand, dreaming up your next holiday or adventure.

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Ficus Elastica

Another favourite that ticks all of our green boxes which can grow into a magnificent tree if you allow it. They’re one of those rewarding plants you will look on with love and pride for years to come.

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Schefflera (Umbrella tree)

This bushy plant brings so much character along with it, and is a great addition to any relaxed, boho-chic interior. A plant that is also a good option to practice bonsai techniques on, so a great choice for another mindful activity.

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