Big green presence you can’t miss

That’s quite a plant! If youve got an Alocasia in your home, you can’t miss it. This big green presence attracts ALL the attention. Its long leaf stems and large, coarse, unusually shaped leaves make a statement. It’s no surprise that as well as taro and giant taro it’s also called elephant’s ear. Alocasia Polly is even more unusual. This exciting plant was discovered as a houseplant 15 years ago. It is also known as the skeleton plant because of its coloured veins.

Alocasia -

Colours and shapes

The long leaf stems bear impressive leaves shaped like an elephant’s ears. These mega-leaves can reach a length of 1m. There are different varieties of Alocasia with different characteristics, such as Caladori, Wentii, Black Velvet, Polly, Amazonica and Red Secret. The olive-green leaves have white stripes and a violet underside on some varieties. The plant hardly ever flowers.


Alocasia is too big and impressive to have a specific symbolism. Maybe that’s what it represents: make a statement!


Alocasia originates from Borneo and the surrounding countries, where they eat the plant’s cooked roots. This root is poisonous before it’s cooked, which is why we recommend that you leave them neatly in the soil. In nature the large leaves protect many an animal from the rain so now you have the perfect place to shelter in your living room as well!