Which plant matches you best?

Find your perfect plant partner

It’s official, the festive season is over. You've soaked up the spirit and frivolity, and bid farewell to the holidays (and your tree!). What now? Time to fill that space with a plant! But do you actually know what kind you want? To make your search for the perfect plant easier, use our guide to lead you to your match.


Take our quiz and reveal the plant that suits you.



Light and cheerful, this tropical treat arrives in different colours. The wispy leaves stand on sturdy trunks and it also purifies the air for you. Handy.

Alocasia Zebrina 

Powerful by look and powerful by nature, this exotic superstar knows how she wants to be cared for, so pay attention to instructions before you buy. The zebra-print stems and spectacular foliage make it worth it though. 


Make an impression with this plant. This benchmark of style is also known as the Swiss cheese plant due to the effect on its heart-shaped leaves over time. The best bit? The monstera is easy to care for. That’s what we like to hear.


Slow growing and easy going, the kentia palm, aka howea, never stops purifying the air. What a dream.

Welche Pflanze passt zu mir? | Pflanzenfreude.de

Ficus lyrata

A cousin of the fig, the ficus lyrata is identifiable by its leaves that can grow up to 50 cm long. The beauty on the violin-shaped foliage is striking: green and leathery with light veins.


Bring a touch of the desert into your living room with a cactus. Surprising and sturdy, the cactus has an irritable appearance and is primal with its energy, so don’t get too close.